Carpenter Fine Violins, LLC is one of the leading boutique stringed instrument firms catering to investors, musicians, and collectors alike. Founded in 2010 by the Carpenter siblings Sean, Lauren, and David, the firm has had success in selling fine examples of Antonio Stradivari, Giuseppe Guarneri Del Gesù, Giovanni Battista Guadagnini, Lorenzo Storioni, and other Italian and French master makers.

The New Yorker recently published a feature article on Carpenter Fine Violins, the rare instrument market, and the Carpenter Family:



Sean, Chief Executive Officer

Sean, a 2003 graduate of Princeton University Cum Laude and 2004 graduate of the University of Cambridge, developed a fascination with fine instruments from an early age.  As both the Director and Co-Founder of the Salomé Chamber Orchestra and a collector of rare violins, Sean utilizes his expertise honed over the course of two decades in evaluating new consignments, acquisitions, and sales.  Sean evaluates every opportunity and instrument based on three main criteria: provenance, condition, and sound.  Carpenter Fine Violins is the culmination of Sean’s dream to provide exceptional and rare stringed instruments for professional musicians, collectors, and music enthusiasts.

Lauren, Chief Operating Officer

Lauren, a 2006 graduate of Princeton University holds a B.A. in Politics Magna cum Laude with minors in Finance, Germanic Language, Political Economics and Music Performance.  For the last 5 years she served as a Senior Account Manager at Google, and she brings her passion and skills developed at one of the world’s top Internet companies to Carpenter Fine Violins.  An accomplished violinist and Co-Founder of the Salomé Chamber Orchestra, Lauren manages all of the operational functions of Carpenter Fine Violins, including current offerings, existing client relations, and future acquisitions and consignments.

David, Chief Financial Officer

David, a 2008 graduate of Princeton University majored in politics and studied economics with Nobel Laureate Christopher Sims and Former Fed Vice Chairman Alan Blinder. David brings his passion towards stringed instruments combining business acumen with solo playing, and carefully evaluates the sonic capabilities and dimensions of each instrument being offered by Carpenter Fine Violins. He is considered one of the world’s premiere viola soloists.